4 Best Outdoor TV Brands: Features & Cost Comparison

4 Best Outdoor TV Brands: Features & Cost Comparison

Far gone are the days when outdoor entertainment was limited to sticks, BBQ, and card games. With the advent of outdoor televisions, outdoor relaxation has reached a new level. And we love it, of course. Apart from allowing us to entertain our guests in our backyard or patio, an outdoor TV also allows us to spend more time with our loved ones outdoors. All these without sacrificing the luxuries of our living room. 

That’s why it’s not surprising that outdoor TVs have been increasing in popularity in recent times. Everybody wants one for their home, and why not? But, choosing the perfect brand of outdoor smart TV is a bit challenging. With outdoor TV sets seeing exposure to more risks than regular TVs, you can easily choose the wrong model. Not to worry though, as we have created this article to help prevent that. With our recommendations and tips, you are certain to choose the best TV for your needs.

Factors to Consider Before Getting an Outdoor TV

Outdoor TVs are new inventions, so it would be unwise to choose just any brand without knowing what to look for. To help you choose the ideal one for your needs, we have gathered the important factors in this section.


The first thing to consider is whether it’s waterproof and water-resistant. While it’s easy to mistake waterproof for water-resistance and vice versa, the two concepts are quite different. A waterproof TV can withstand total submersion without getting damaged. But, a water-resistant television can only handle a particular water invasion level.

The most important out of the two will depend on the location of your TV set. If your TV is under a shade, then it’s enough if it’s water-resistant. But, if the TV is likely to be exposed to rainfall, make sure you choose a waterproof set.


You also need to consider the brightness of your TV. When outdoors, the amount of natural light that your eyes are subjected to is higher, hence this factor. If a TV set does not provide more extreme capabilities for brightness adjustment, you will most likely struggle to see through the sun glare. With such a TV, it will be almost impossible to get a clear image because of sunlight exposure. This will ruin your entire experience.


For obvious reasons, size does matter a lot when you are choosing the ideal outdoor TV for your needs. It will be difficult to enjoy watching anything on a small TV outdoors. And an extremely large TV may also render similar effects. Apart from the size, you should also check the resolution. This helps in determining the image quality. Perhaps, that explains why 4K TVs are in vogue at the moment, since they have 3840 x 2160 pixels when it comes to resolution.


Another factor to consider when choosing an ideal outdoor TV set is sound clarity. When you watch TV outdoors, it’s normal for the background noise to be distracting. With cars honking, birds chirping, dogs barking, you may struggle to hear the sound from your TV clearly. 

Needless to say, this may ruin the whole experience. To prevent this, look for a model whose sound is clear and loud enough to drown all the distracting noises in the background.


When you use a TV outdoors, it’s exposed to different types of elements, like rain, sun, and dust, which may damage the TV set in no time. This is why you need to buy a TV that comes with sealed ports. Once the ports are properly sealed, you can rest easy knowing debris and dust won’t be able to enter the casing.


Apart from your outdoor TV, its important accessories like cables, remote control, antennas, mounts, home cinema systems, and additional speakers also need to have waterproof qualities. This makes sense since they will also be exposed to the elements, just like your TV. And of course, they also need to be protected.

Best Outdoor TV Brands

While many companies manufacture these TVs, only a few can be trusted. As an inexperienced or first-time buyer, you aren’t likely to know the reliable ones. Therefore, we have listed some of the most trustworthy TV brands on the market below;


Probably the number one brand when it comes to outdoor televisions today is SunBriteTV, and the reasons are clear. The company doesn’t only manufacture the most efficient TV sets, but also offers them at affordable prices, with their TVs ranging from $1,499 to $9,999. It’s also worth noting that all their TVs are 4K, so you can expect them to have excellent resolutions. However, only their full-shade models come with internal speakers. For other models, you’d have to get a sound system.


Séura is known for producing the biggest screen, and it’s another brand we trust at the moment. Like SunBriteTV, they also make only 4K TVs, so their televisions usually come with decent resolutions. None of their models comes with an internal speaker, as they instead come with soundbars, which is cool. Their products also have a waterproof rating of IP54, which is impressive. These TVs are expensive though, ranging from $2,499 to $21,999.


If you are looking for the brightest TV, then SkyVue is the brand you’ve got to choose from. Apart from being bright, their TVs also have a waterproof rating of IP55 and some of their models come with internal speakers. At 1080p, the resolution is also decent. But, it’s a mixed bag when it comes to costs, with their products ranging from $2,599 to $8,199.


You’ve most likely heard of Samsung before. The company is one of the most popular names for regular TVs, and their expertise seems to have been extended to outdoor televisions. They also produce super-bright outdoor TVs, rivalling SkyVue in this category. Their IP55 waterproof rating also means they can withstand exposure to heavy rainfall. But, their models come with no internal speakers, so you will need a soundbar to use them outdoors. As for pricing, they cost $3,499 to $6,499.


Outdoor relaxation is no longer the same, thanks to outdoor TVs. If you enjoy being outdoors with your family and loved ones, you don’t need to give up the luxuries of your living room. With a TV like the Elite 70" Full Protection Weatherized Outdoor LG 7 Series TV, you have a set that can give you the best outdoor entertainment for years. The good news is that it’s designed to be waterproof, so you can rest easy knowing no amount of rainfall can damage it.