Your Guide To A Wood Fire Grill: Features, Cost, and How To Use It

Cooking over wood was how it started in the beginning. And even though the art of grilling has seen a lot of evolution since then, it seems to have made a grand comeback. And we love to see it. But you may be wondering why anyone would choose a wood fire grill, especially as the market is packed with a variety of more modern options nowadays. 

Well, the answer is not far-fetched. Thanks to the smoke flavor produced by wood fire grills, meats grilled over them taste much better.  Besides, they ensure your meats are cooked more thoroughly compared to other cooking methods, and a BBQ lover wants nothing more.  But using this kind of grill entails much more than you can imagine, so we’ve decided to break everything down here. In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to get the best out of these grills. Read on! 

What is a Wood Fire Grilling?

Wood grilling refers to the use of fire directly from a burning piece of wood to cook your food. While it’s easy to mistake wood-fire grills for charcoal grills, they are quite different. With charcoal smokers,  you grill over burnt woods, which must have already lost the flavors that are unique to unburnt wood. 

The Best Wood Fire Grill

The first step to getting the most amazing wood grilling experience is to purchase the right product. But this is the tricky part, as wood fire grills are numerous in the market. If you're not careful, you could end up buying a product that does not meet your expectations. Ideally, we advise you to choose a grill with a large cooking surface

The Memphis Elite Wood Pellet Fire Grill is one of such products with a large cooking surface. Hence, we have chosen this product due to the numerous advantages it offers to its users. It has a cooking surface of 1274sq inches, large enough for you to cook and even bake your favorite recipes in the restaurant or at home. Besides, the product is versatile as you can use it for smoking meat, searing steaks, and grilling with direct flame.

Features and Benefits Of The Memphis Elite wood pellet fire grill

1. The Heat Source

This is the major advantage you stand to gain from using this product; it uses fire from actual wood pellets. This way, you cook your meals over direct flames from the fire. The product makes use of the Direct Flame Insert. This feature allows you to utilize direct flames to grill your meat, vegetable, or poultry over high heat from the intense flame. Consequently, your food absorbs all the wood flavors to become well cooked and tastier than the food you grill over charcoal or propane.

2. Has Convection fans

Every model of the Memphis pellet grill has inbuilt 4" convection fans. When combined with the design of the grill chamber helps to ensure even heat circulation when grilling. Consequently, the product is ideal for preparing pastries and bread. It is also great for meat and vegetable roasting. The fans act as an efficient means of air circulation, so you rest assured of fantastic and well-cooked/grilled food.

3. Amazing Control System

I'm sure you want a griller that you can control from any part of the house, if yes, then this is perfect for you. The product has a mobile app (Memphis Mobile app). The app enables you to monitor the temperature of your grill even while you're away from it.

Other features include:

  • Built-in automated recipes.
  • Amazing stainless steel design.
  • Two pellet hoppers.

Cost of Memphis Wood Pellet Fire Grills

For all their outstanding features and versatility, the Memphis wood pellet fire grills would cost you about $4999. Although on the high side, they are worth having as a piece of major kitchen equipment for baking, roasting, searing, etc.

How to use an Outdoor Wood Fire Grill

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to prepare wood fire grill pizza and other delicacies with your favorite grilling equipment:

1.  Select your wood

The choice of hardwood you use is dependent on the food item you are grilling. For meats such as beef and pork, you should use heavy hardwood, fowl, and fish; you can use lighter hardwood.

2.  Light up your grill

Some chefs add charcoal to the mix. It makes it easy to ignite your grill. First, light up the charcoal, and when it's activated, add in the wood pellets piling them to one side of the grill. Your grill will fire up after the wood catches fire.

3. Oil your grill

The next step is to prep the food. However, before placing it on the grate, you must rub the grate with oil to avoid food sticking to it. You should make use of cooking oil (high-smoke point ones) for this task.

4. Grilling

You should have two cooking zones, one directly above the heat and the other at the side. Start by placing your food over the flame; after a while, move it over to the zone with less heat to complete cooking.

Is it safe to cook over a wood fire?

Yes, it is. Grilling with wood has the same chemical reactions as doing it with charcoal. However, you must be careful to avoid charring the food. That will increase the number of carcinogens, which is unhealthy. If cooked rightly, your food is safe to consume if grilled with wood.

Summing Up

There are different ways to use your wood fire grill and several amazing meals to prepare. Therefore, to ensure you get the most out of the best wood griller there is, you must know how to make use of its fantastic unique features. Hence, this article is here; to guide you on how best to use an outdoor wood fire grill.

No matter what you want to grill, if this guide is adhered to, then you do not need to worry. With the best wood fire grill,  you are about to have the best BBQ experience you have ever had.