An In-depth Linear Gas Fireplace Cost Comparison

An In-depth Linear Gas Fireplace Cost Comparison

When the nights are cold, a linear gas fireplace will keep you warm and dispel the biting cold. Before now, people used to depend on the traditional wood-burning fireplace for warmth. But, while it gave them the needed heat and warmth, it was difficult to maintain. Hence, many homeowners are opting for a linear gas fireplace, which is by far a better option.

A linear gas fireplace comes with so many irresistible perks. Apart from being easy to maintain, it can also improve your home decor. With its aesthetic brilliance, it's such an incredible option for everyone. Want to know how much it costs to set up one in your home? Then come along as we take you on in-depth cost comparison. Let’s begin!

Installation Cost

After buying your ideal fireplace, the next step to consider is the cost of installation.  Generally, there're three installation processes - insert fireplace, built-in fireplace, and log fireplaces. For basic installation of any of these three units, the cost could be anywhere between $400 and $4000. But, the price may increase with the increase in features and needs.

Besides, the installation cost depends on the type of fireplace chosen. But it is usually anywhere around $2300 to $10000. While this may seem such a huge sum, installing its wood-burning version is costlier. The cost estimate considers the cost of materials and labor. Bear in mind that these are the more expensive areas.

Largely, the exact installation cost depends on a few factors. The first one is the type of fireplace you have. The second factor is the condition of your home. The third factor is the design of the fireplace. For instance, requiring an extended gas line will incur extra costs. The extra costs are usually within the range of $10 to $20 for every linear foot.

During installation, consider the changes you're likely to make around the fireplace. For example, you may wish to paint the areas surrounding the fireplace. You may even like to place tiles or masonries, then be ready to cough out as much as $3500 to $7500. This is also dependent on the types of materials selected and site preparation.

How Much does a Gas Fireplace Cost?

Before purchasing a modern linear gas fireplace, consider the type of linear fireplace gas you wish to have. This has a significant impact on the price you will spend on the project. That said, the most popular fireplaces are the vented and ventless fireplaces. There are also a direct-vent fireplace and gas-insert fireplace. Hence, consider all the types of fireplaces before making your choice. 

Vented Vs. Ventless Gas Fireplaces

If you own a wood-burning fireplace in your home, don't give up on it yet as you can convert it to a gas unit. This conversion is what results in a Vented fireplace. To convert a wood fireplace to a gas unit, you will likely spend between $200 to $1000. In the vented fireplace, logs are first installed, after which the gas generated from the fire then goes through the chimney and out of the home.

You can also control the heat emitted from the fireplace with an electric switch. To do this, you'll have to connect electricity to the fireplace, which can cost $200 to $500. Meanwhile, installation of gas logs can cost between $250 to $300. You may also need to upgrade the ventilation system in your home, and this may cost an extra $400-$2000.

On the other hand, ventless fireplaces are popular and you can install them anywhere in the home. They release more heat than vented fireplaces. That's because they don't require an external venting system. This helps them keep all the heat inside. On the downside, the flame has an artificial look. Besides, the air is not clean. To improve the air quality, you will need to open the windows whenever the fireplace is on.

Purchasing the ventless unit is likely to cost around $2000 to $3500, while its installation may cost an extra $200 to $1000. Still, if there are modifications or additions to the propane lines, be ready to spend an extra $1000 to $3500. Installation of this unit is dependent on the technician hired and the hourly wages charged. Technical experts are likely to charge within a range of $90 to $200 per hour.

Direct Vent Linear Gas Fireplaces

Linear direct gas fireplace vent is another type of gas fireplace to consider. Hee, the unit connects to a double-layer pipe which then passes out of the house. The pipes suck in the air while expelling gases . By popular opinion, most consider direct vent linear fireplace the safest option. But, note that its design supports installation along an exterior wall.

Also, many love its resemblance to a wood-burning fireplace. So, if you are one of those who love this feature, you shouldn't mind spending about $1200 to $3400. The installation cost differs too, with the price between $500 to $5000. For this fireplace to function well, you may need to replace an unsuitable chimney. Note that this may cost an extra $500-$1500.

Cost of Gas Fireplace Inserts

A linear fireplace gas insert costs about $1200 while installing the unit costs another $500 to $3500. Also, you will need to clean your chimney; this costs about $200. Plan for miscellaneous payments as this may come up. Budget about $200 to $1200 for this.


When winter arrives, your comfortable home could quickly become the opposite. While many  wish to buy a gas linear fireplace, the price uncertainty is often discouraging. With this guide, you now have the knowledge required to choose an ideal fireplace without robbing a bank.

Ensure you tweak the features to suit what you need if you are not up to spending so much. But if you can afford it, then go ahead and get one and spend time with family and friends cozying before a fireplace. The Firegear Kalea Bay 60" Outdoor Linear Gas Fire Place is one of the good options we can recommend.