Portable Gas Grill Guide: Cost, Features, and How to Use It

Summer means different things to different people. While some people anticipate it because it’s the period of barbeque, others look forward to it because of outdoor trips. If you look forward to the summertime for both reasons, you may need a portable gas grill to bring your fantasies to life. With their compact design, they offer incredible convenience and flexibility. All these without sacrificing the quality of your food.

Thus, we understand if you are weighing up the idea of buying one. But as a first-time buyer, you may have many questions, which is understandable. To help end your confusion, we’ve created this guide about portable gas grills. We will be focusing on important stuff like their features, cost, and how to use them. Let’s get underway!

Costs of Portable Gas Grills

Gas grills come in two major forms based on the fuel source. It is either fueled with propane gas or natural gas lines. This is one of the factors that determine the price of the gas grill. Bear in mind that propane gas grills are less expensive than natural gas grills. Apart from the fuel type, the use and size can also influence the price. 

If you are getting a grill for your backyard cooking, you could get a portable propane gas grill for about $100-$400. Most grills used for backyard cooking are made using cast aluminum with some parts made of stainless steel.

Gas grills are also used for picnics, tailgate parties, or camping. Based on the size, you can also get a small portable gas grill for about $20-$60. However, there are also gas grills costing about $80-$230, depending on your size and needs.

Besides, some gas grills cost above $500, and as much as $5000. These sorts come with added features, but they are usually not so portable, and you cannot move them from place to place.

Features of Gas Grill

There are certain key features that you should consider when you need to purchase a  portable griller machine. They are what makes it unique with added functionalities. The most essential features to consider includes:

1.   The Grates

The grates can be made using different materials. However, for better performance, you should purchase ones with stainless-steel grates or better still, a coated cast iron. This makes it easy to maintain even temperatures while grilling. If you however want a product that is durable and long-lasting, then you should tilt towards the stainless steel.

2.   Side Burner

Another fantastic feature of a portable grill is the side burner that comes with it. This way, you can be grilling your fish or meat while also preparing a side dish. It saves you time and resources.

3.   An Igniter

Portable gas grills often come with different types of igniters and switches; they can either be electronic, push-button, or rotary igniter. The majority of them have rotary igniter; however, the expensive ones have an electronic igniter. Whichever you decide upon, be sure you learn how to use it efficiently.

4.   Fuel Gauge

You wouldn't want to start grilling and then run out of gas; that could be disastrous somewhat. This is why a fuel gauge is essential; it allows you to track the level of propane left in the grill gas tank. For grills that don't come with a gauge, you can buy one separately and install them.

5.   LED Light

LED lights are vital for illuminating the control panel of your gas grill or the knobs. This way, you can continue working even when it gets dark.

6.   Pullout Tray

A pullout tray is available to house your fuel tank. This makes it easy to change the tank when your gas is exhausted. It allows you to turn the gas tank on or off easily.

7.   Dual-Fuel Valves

With a dual-fuel valve, your gas grill can easily switch from using propane gas to using natural gas. A conversion kit could also do this for you, so you could buy one for yourself if you must.

Other features of the gas grill that comes in handy are:

  • Gliding drawers- used for storing essential utensils and ingredients needed for grilling.
  • Grease tray- traps the fat or oil from your food while you grill. It also makes it easy to grill and clean up afterward.

Uses of A Portable Gas Grill

You can use a gas grill for cooking food by roasting. It is used for outdoor picnics or parties to prepare fish, meat, and vegetables. Spicing them up in ways that make them tasty and sought for.

How To Use A Gas Grill

For a griller to last long, you need to know how to use and also maintain it. Therefore, we have highlighted important steps to help you use one easily. They include:

  •  Check the level of fuel in your tank using the gauge.
  • Prepare your grilling and food items and put them in place; you don't want to start looking for essential ingredients or tools while you grill.
  • Next, ignite the burner, putting it on high to preheat the grill grates.
  • Oil the grids properly to provide a coating around them and prevent food from sticking to them while grilling.
  • Start grilling. To do this with a two-burner gas grill, it is best to put one burner on high and the other on medium or low. This way, you have two different temperature zones on your gas grill. Start by placing food on the burner at a high temperature and then transfer it to the medium to finish cooking. Do this for all the food pieces you intend to cook, closing the lid when necessary.

How do you light a portable grill?

A propane gas grill has a lighter hole located at the side of the grill, via which gas can be allowed to escape. So all you need to do is find that outlet/space, turn on your lighter and then turn the switch knob. Your portable grill gas lights up immediately.

Final Thoughts

With more people starting to live in apartments with limited outdoor spaces, it’s understandable that the demand for a portable gas grill has skyrocketed. They are compact, so they don’t require much space. Besides, they are portable, so you can always carry them on your outdoor trips. However, beware of going for models with low BTUs, as most of them may struggle to give you the kind of power you need. Instead, choose a powerful model with a high BTU rating and enjoy the rest of the mind it brings.